Statistics of the claims Submitted by consumers in financial organizations

In case of dissatisfaction, disagreement and / or complaint against the financial organization and / or any of its products, consumers have the right to file a claim against the financial organization. Complaints can be made orally as well as in writing or electronically.

The financial organization is obliged to examine and review the claim within one month of its receipt and to notify the claimant of the results, as well as, where possible, to offer him the conditions for resolving the claim. In addition, the financial organization should ensure that the claims received from consumers are recorded, except to the claims recorded orally, and that they are constantly updated. 

The National Bank of Georgia ensures the uploading of reports on consumer claims submitted to the financial organizations to the electronic portal of the National Bank of Georgia As of today, the site contains statistics of claims filed by consumers in commercial banks for the period from June 2011 to February 2021 (see and claims filed by consumers in microfinance organizations for the period from January 2018 to January 2021 (see